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Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is the world's most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences.

  • In this course you will learn Unreal Engine From Basic to Advanced.

  • Tamil selvam have 20 + years of Experience in VFX and Gaming

  • He has 10 + years of Experience in Unreal 

  • Online Live Classes available

  • Duration: 4 months

  • Recourses will be provided by Instructor

  • No qualification or Previous Experience Required 

  • Certificate will be provided after finishing the course

Advanced Unreal Engine Course

Unreal Engine Course

Introduction to Unreal

  • Intro to Epic and Unreal Engine,

  • System Requirements & software Specifications

  • Downloading and installing Unreal Engine

  • Getting started with Epic Game launcher

  • Creating different type of projects with Starter content

  • Introduction to user Interface and Navigation

  • Place actors, content browser, world outliner, details panel

  • Utilize sample projects and other resources, including free and paid content.

  • Work with Unreal Engine’s project structure.

  • Explain how to bring in data such as geometry, lights, cameras, animation, and more.

  • Navigate in a scene.

  • Find your way around the Unreal Engine Editor


  • Level Templates, Project Templates

  • Content Pack, Feature pack

  • Import, export and migrate the Assets, Add, Import and Transfer the content

  • Introduction to lighting

  • Creating Level and Simple level design using Assets


Introduction to look development

  • Introduction to material and material editor Overview

  • Different data types of nodes

  • Basic PBR workflow

  • Parameter and Material Instancing

  • Textures

  • Introduction to Material Functions


Procedural Environment

  • Introduction to Landscape Editor in Unreal Engine

  • Manage, Sculpt and Paint

  • Introduction to Landscape Material


  • Creating landscape using Landmass height maps

  • Advanced Landscape Material

  • Foliage painting, Procedural Foliage Creation


  • Game Level Design Using Procedural Environment

  • Environment Lighting

  • Procedural clouds


Modular Environment

  • Introduction to Modular Environment

  • Modular Level design using free assets


  • Introduction Trim Sheets

  • Trim Sheet Asset Creation



  • Introduction Substance Designer

  • Creating Procedural Textures in Substance Designer


  • Introduction Substance Designer

  • Creating Procedural Textures in Substance Designer


Lighting Essential

  • Light mass and Lightmaps

  • Dynamic Lighting - Indoor and Outdoor

  • Combining Static and Dynamic Lighting

  • Lighting Effects and Reflections

  • Fog and Volumetric Light


  • Post processing

  • Color Grading

  • Color Lookup Table (LUT)



  • Introduction to Blueprint

  • Creating Different types of blueprints

  • Components, Event Graph, Construction Script Over view


  • Variable, Functions, macro, Event Dispatcher

  • Creating Different types of blueprints

  • Data Table and arrays



  • Animation Assets

  • The Animation Editors

  • Blendspaces

  • The Animation Blueprint Window

  • Editing the Animation Using Keyframes

  • Creating the Custom Character

  • Working with the Animation Blueprint


Particle system

  • Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG)

  • Introduction

  • The Widget Blueprint Editor

  • Anatomy of a Widget Blueprint

  • Creating UI menu

  • Creating a Pause Menu

  • Advanced UI Events


Level Design

  • Create an initial level for prototyping level blackouts.

  • Use Developer Materials in level geometry for scale and intention.

  • Use Geometry Brushes to create level geometry, and then export them as static meshes for use as proxy level geometry.

Advanced Level Design and Environment Design

Performance and optimization



  • Starting with Cinematics

  • Swapping Animation

  • Master Sequences

  • Particles and Sequencer

  • Blueprints and Sequencer

  • Recording Sequences


Audio Production

  • Importing and Organizing Audio Assets

  • Area Loop Layers Using Sound Cues

  • Source Loops and Virtual Voices

  • One Shots Using Sound Cues

  • Switching Sounds for Fake Occlusion

  • Procedural Sound Design

  • Audio Trigger


Advanced Cinematic Trailer

  • Sequencer Editing audio mixing

  • Multi Pass rendering

  • Compositing in external software

  • Editing and final Output



  • Intro to Packaging

  • Packaging for windows, android, Ios

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